Q? Are Custom Cabinets Really Worth the Cost?
A. We, at Simmons Custom Cabinetry & Millwork, feel that YES, they are worth every dollar spent IF you as the homeowner take the time to work with a qualified craftsman in this field. A quality built cabinet can last a lifetime and will provide many years of good solid storage that will add beauty and personality to your home!

Q? What Are the Major Differences in Some Lines of Box Cabinets and Custom Cabinets?
A. Most box cabinets are built using a standard box sizes like 24 inch, 36 inch, and 12 inch, and are not set up to accommodate "custom" sizes or “built to fit” size cabinets, which most custom cabinetry companies should be able to do. Most box cabinets are constructed using a pressed board, which is tiny pieces of wood and saw dust mixed with glue pressed together. At Simmons Custom Cabinetry & Millwork Inc., we only use ¾ inch plywood to construct our boxes because we feel that a strong box ensures a long life suited to withstand the everyday use of your kitchen. Most box cabinetry is stapled together using plastic parts to hold the most important pieces of the cabinetry together. At Simmons, we only use screws and the top-of- the-line cabinetry hardware to keep our clients’ most important contents safe.

Most clients dress up their cabinetry with a stone counter top, and the average weight is 60 pounds per square foot. That's a lot of weight for any cabinet to hold. Over the years, if your cabinets aren't constructed with the right materials, you could be looking at some serious issues with cracks, sagging, or even cabinets falling apart. We only work with qualified stone dealers to ensure our clients that their tops are protected and supported for the lifetime of their stone!

Q? Color Options and Door Styles
A. A limited color wheel of paint options and the standard door and drawer style binds many box cabinets. Yes, there are many types out there on the market that look great, but why settle for what everyone else can have? At Simmons Custom Cabinetry & Millwork, our clients are able to customize not only the color of their cabinetry, but the door and drawers as well. The only thing holding our clients back is their own imagination! Lacking imagination? Don’t fret; our diligent and experienced staff has lots of that, or at least a plethora of examples that can spark creativity within your own mind!